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We have listed some useful books on Thailand, Asia and International business, investment, development, cross-cultural communications, etc. from Google books here. We will add more books time by time for your convenient use and reference.

Thailand Asia & Thailand General, International, Global

State of the nation: Thailand
, by Suchit Bunbongkarn

Towards Asia's Sustainable Development, The Role of Social Protection
, Published by OECD, 2001

Philosophical challenges and opportunities of globalization, Volume 1
, by Oliva Blanchette, Tomonobu Imamichi, George F. McLean

Thailand's growth path: from recovery to prosperity
, By Kaspar Richter; World Bank Publications, 2006

Multinationals and East Asian integration
, by Wendy Dobson, Siow Yue Chia, International Development Research Centre (Canada), Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

International subcontracting, a new form of investment
, by Dimitri A. Germidis
Corporate governance in Asia: a comparative perspective
, by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Working together Creating a better environment for cross-sector partnerships
, by Ben Jupp,2000
Human Geography of Rice in South Asia
, by R.E. Huke and E.H.Huke, International Rice Research Institute

International financial reporting standards: a practical guide
, by Hennie van Greuning, 2009
The Making of South East Asia
, by G. Coedes

International accounting standards: a practical guide
, by Hennie van Greuning & Marius Koen, 2001
Cultural Traditions and Contemporary Challenges in Southeast Asia: Hindu and Buddhist

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