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|Doing business in Thailand (Share Capital & Par Value)|

Pages under "Doing business in Thailand" section “Share Capital” and “Par Value” in Thailand

Since the company’s structure was set up, the first thing that should be planned is the “Share”; the share is divided to be an equal value called “Par”. Par value of each share was prescribed under sector 1117 that must be at least Baht 5 per share without restriction on maximum value.

Amount of Registered Capital did not mention in law for a minimum and maximum, normally should depend on proper capital of each company for doing business.

Paid up capital allowed by the law to be collected at least 25% of par value (Sector 1120), in case of the Attendee didn’t pay its share, they still have full responsibility until the registered amount was paid in full.

Paid up capital can be done by collecting other monetary assets instead of cash, but except the Attendee whom be Creditor will not able to use credit/payable amount in account to be paid as capital (Sector 1119).

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