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Mr. Prasert Poothong
Panwa Group of Companies
1560 Lardprow Road, Kwangthonglang,
Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Mobile Phone : +66 81 919 6225
E-Mail Address: bkk [at] panwa [dot] co [dot] th

Prasert has more than 10 years long experiences working with local and international audit firms in Thailand as an audit manager. He is specialized in External and Internal audit, Accounting System Design, Taxation Consultanting, and Special Audit. Prasert has been a member of Federation of Accounting Professional and C.P.A. since 1995. In year 2000, Prasert put up his own company named “Panwa Group of Companies” to provide local, foreign and internatinal businesses the following professional services in Thai and English.

External Audit
Professional services equipped with audit regulations and standards prevailing in Thailand, providing clients with assurance that their financial statements fairly present the financial position and results of the company’s operations and comply with the relevant rules and regulations in Thailand and to meet their statutory requirements and stakeholders in the country and oversea.

Special Purpose Audit
Performing specific tests and procedures and reporting on the results, a less intensive review, and compilations in areas of special concern such as acquisition, tax refund and other special cases. Providing independent advice and support to clients undertaking merger and acquisitions, refinancing, restructuring, joint ventures or other forms of strategic business commitment and transactions.

Internal Audit
Reviewing of any part of an organization’s internal control such as system operating procedures and methods for the purpose of evaluating efficiency and effectiveness to provide value to the organization through improved operational effectiveness in addition to traditional responsibilities such as reviewing the reliability and integrity of information, compliance with policies and regulations, and the safeguarding of assets.

Subsidiary Audit
Serving as auditing partner of the parent company auditing team for subsidiary auditing required by the consolidated or united regulation or requirement for the subsidiary companies. The parent company prepares its financial statements in accordance with the accounting and auditing standards. The financial statements and standard reporting package should be prepared by client personnel in accordance with standard accounting policies adopted by parent company.

Accounting System Design
Setting up of manual and computerized procedures and controls consisting of methods and devices used by a business or company to keep track of its financial activities and to summarize these activities in a manner useful to decision makers provided for identifying relevant transactions or events; preparing accurate source documents, entering data into the accounting records accurately, processing transactions accurately, updating master files properly, and generating accurate documents and reports.

Taxation Consultant
Advising on tax laws in Thailand in view of the increasingly complex nature of tax developments and implementation to ensure that the full consequences and tax savings opportunities of the tax advice from a local, regional and international perspective are considered. Serve as a representative on behalf of client in meeting and declaration with the respective government officers in taxation matters.

Business Consultant
Implementing the strategy with effective business operations unleashes an organization’s potential to deliver sustainable improvement in terms of increased revenues, decreased costs, improved efficiency, greater control, and organizational/process agility.

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